Small Businesses & Start-Ups

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Small Businesses & Start-Ups


Are you a small business or start-up looking for legal assistance and guidance regarding the seemingly never-ending paperwork? We are small business solicitors available to help you through the process with simple explanations and expert knowledge.

Legal matters have the potential to overthrow your priority of ensuring your business is a success – we know you would much rather concern yourself with website creation and branding than contract negotiating and drafting. However, the protection of your business should remain a priority, which is why we encourage you to protect your investment by implementing suitable agreements and documentation in plenty of time.


Why Do I Need Small Business Legal Advice?

You should ensure you are appropriately educated regarding instances that may occur within your business; consumers have legal rights that you must be aware of and comply with, which must also be addressed in your company terms and conditions, for example.

Although the process of developing and implementing the legal documentation may seem time consuming and unnecessary at times, it is far better to invest the money now and sort the issue thoroughly than spend thousands later on a legal dispute that could have been prevented and running the risk of damaging your precious reputation.


What Legal Documents Will I Need?

Depending on how your business interacts with its various stakeholders will determine the legal documents it will require. Legal structures vary from business to business, meaning so will the legal advice. When drafting and confirming the documentation, you will have to consider a wide variety of issues, including:

– Supplier and customer agreements.

– Stakeholder agreements.

– Employment contracts.

– Legal documentation for your website.

– Service contracts for each director.

The best legal documents also cover withholding information, however in the process of pre-contact discussions and exploring argument options; a confidentiality agreement may be a helpful alternative for when you find yourself in a dispute.

Parker Arrenberg can provide you with expert advice and discuss the key considerations you should be aware of, ensuring your growth, profitability, and security protection.


What Else Can I Do?

Parker Arrenberg will always encourage you to take steps to carry out market research and prepare a business plan to reduce the chance of surprise costs and processes that have the potential to interfere with your flawless operation.

Things to consider:

– Analyse the strengths and weaknesses of your business.

– Designate a company structure.

– Calculate your insurance and tax requirements.

– Develop your sales forecast and business strategy.

Although this process can seem time-consuming – it is necessary for reducing risk as much as possible, increasing your chance of survival in the first and most challenging year of operation.

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