Contentious Probate

Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for disputes to arise following the passing of a loved one regarding who will inherit what or over how the executors or administrators are handling the estate.

Contentious probate or a disputed will is the area of law that deals with any dispute relating to the administration of a deceased’s person estate.

Will disputes can arise from a variety of personal and family disagreements that can be deep-rooted and difficult to resolve. Should the need arise it is important to ensure you have legal representation that can resolve the matter quickly and efficiently.

If you have concerns about the way a loved one’s estate is being handled or you feel you have unfairly been left out of a Will, or if you would like advice regarding a challenge to a will being brought against you, our experienced team can help.

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Contentious Probate Solicitors

Our team at Parker Arrenberg understand that contesting a Will or defending a challenge to a Will, can be a worrying and emotional time that will require careful management to protect the Estate and the wishes of the deceased whilst respecting the family. Contentious Probate typically occurs when a family member or other person:

    • Does not agree that the will has been correctly interpreted and applied
    • Is not content that the Will being used is the correct one or a has challenged a Will
    • Does not agree with how the estate is being managed by the administrator or executor

What is a caveat?

In order for the executors to be able to administer an estate a Grant of Probate will likely be required which is the formal process by which the court recognises the executors and allow for the estate to be distributed.

When there is a Will dispute a caveat can be lodged at the Probate Registry to stop a Grant of Probate being issued. This can allow for time to determine whether or not there are legal grounds to oppose a Probate application or to bring the dispute before the Court.

Our experienced Contentious Probate Solicitors can work with:

    • An executor who is defending a challenge to the Will and/or a challenge to how the assets have been distributed.
    • A person who is contesting probate when there is no Will or it is believed a Will does not exist
    • A person who is seeking to challenge a Will or clarify how it has been interpreted

Our Fees

Your solicitor will always ensure that you are fully aware of any fees involved, and where possible we will work to a range of fixed fees depending on your requirements. If that is not possible, we will provide you with a very clear and transparent fee quotation that ensures you fully understand the fees you need to pay and what is included in those fees.

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