Staff Handbooks & Policies

Clear rules within a workplace ensure that your staff are aware of what conduct is acceptable in and out of the working environment.  It is arguably wrong to discipline or dismisses an employee for doing, or omitting to do something, which you as a business owner deems unacceptable but of which you have not conveyed to staff. 

Introducing policies and procedures enables a business to develop a fair and consistent approach to managing its staff.

Not all policies will be relevant to all businesses. Some may be needed to comply with legal requirements: for example, employers are required to issue a disciplinary and grievance policy to all employees.

Others are sensible to introduce into the workplace to promote good practice within the business.


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It is important to understand that policies need to be reviewed and updated regularly in order to comply with legal requirements and to cope with changing circumstances as a business grows and develops.


How can you ensure your business remains compliant and lucrative?

Rules, policies, code of conduct, however you wish to refer to them should be set out in an easily accessible staff handbook providing benchmarks so employees know exactly what you deem acceptable, and inexcusable, as well as ensuring consistency in your approach to handling requests by staff, disciplinary, grievance and complaints within the office. 

Parker Arrenberg Solicitors provide pragmatic, legally sound advice and legal drafting which will ensure you can convey the rules within your workplace to your staff and also direct you on how to deal with those employees that don’t follow the businesses acceptable code of conduct. 


Some helpful tips on making your staff aware of your rules and procedures –

  1. Instruct Parker Arrenberg Solicitors to draft a Handbook. 
  2. Ensure all staff sign a form acknowledging they have been provided with a copy/access to the Handbook.
  3. Regularly review the Handbook and update with changes in statutory employment conditions/rights, for example, changes in the minimum wage, holiday entitlement etc.  
  4. Make the Handbook available on the business intranet, server or simply email it to staff annually (even if no changes have been made since it was last emailed).
  5. When you make changes to the Handbook advise staff of the changes.
  6. Ensure all managers have read and actually understand the procedures they should be following when dealing with breaches of the Rules by Staff.
  7. Equality – ensure all staff are treated equally or set out in a Handbook why a category of staff are exempt from a rule i.e. manager using a mobile phone in the office whereas admin staff are prohibited from mobile usage.

Remember the policies, rules and procedures in a Handbook are not terms of the employer/employee contract.  They can therefore be varied without consultation or approval from your staff.  Although, no consolation with your employees when you initially impose a number of new, or stricter, rules on staff is not a sensible approach as it can simply create uproar, uncertainty and low morale among employees. 


Our specialist solicitors can advise on:

  • Severe Weather and Disruption to Public Transport Policy
  • No Smoking Policy
  • Drugs Policy
  • Alcohol Policy
  • Environmental Policy Statement
  • Communications, Email and Internet Policy
  • Whistleblowing Policy
  • Social Media Policy / Communications, Email, Internet and Social Media Policy
  • Employee Data Protection Policy
  • Employee’s Subject Access Request Form
  • Information and Consultation of Employees Policy
  • Information and Consultation of Employees Agreement
  • Company Car Policy
  • Private Car Allowance Policy
  • Emergency Leave Policy
  • Lone Worker Policy
  • Mental Health & Stress Policy
  • Employee Search Policy
  • Personal Relationships at Work Policy
  • Dress and Appearance Policy
  • Outside Business Interests Policy
  • Time Off for Medical and Dental Appointments Policy
  • Compassionate Leave Policy
  • Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Policy
  • Zero Hours Policy
  • Mobile Phone Use Policy
  • Political Activity in the Workplace
  • Work-Related Social Events Policy
  • Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement
  • Policy on Religious Observance in Working Hours
  • Notice Periods Policy
  • Staff Retention Policy
  • Policy on Recruitment of Ex-Offenders

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