Business Leases, Licences & Lease Extensions

Our specialist commercial property team are experienced in dealing with all types of commercial leases and licences, whether relating to offices, industrial units, retail premises, land or any other property.

At Parker Arrenberg, we will work with you to understand your particular needs and provide tailored and relevant solutions that are efficient and cost-effective.

We advise both landlords in respect of the drafting of lease agreements and also tenants upon the content of lease documentation and negotiation and perfection of the terms and can provide advice on all commercial property matters for clients seeking to:


  • Acquire a lease for commercial property from a landlord
  • Provide a lease for a commercial property to a tenant
  • Acquire a licence to use a commercial property from a landlord
  • Provide a licence to use commercial property as a tenant
  • Extend a lease or licence

Commercial Leases and Licences

A commercial lease is a complex legal document, that sets out the occupation of commercial premises and the obligations can impose serious long term liabilities on the tenant. We will ensure that you are fully aware of these obligations and requirements, tailoring our service to suit your needs. Our commercial leasehold solicitors can advise on all matters regarding leasehold and licence transactions to both landlords and tenants, including:

Acquisition of a lease or licence – before acquiring a lease or licence on a commercial property it is vital that you seek the advice of an experienced commercial property solicitor, who will be able to ensure you fully understand each of the clauses within the lease. At Parker Arrenberg, our commercial property team will work with you to acquire the lease or licence on the best possible terms and will make sure that you are fully aware of your obligations, so that you fully comply with the terms of the lease. This will protect you and your business from possible issues throughout the length of your lease, avoiding any possible disputes in the future.

Provision of a lease or licence – our commercial property team can help you if you are looking to lease or licence a commercial property. We will ensure that the lease reflects your requirements and protects you as a landlord and the property or land itself. Regardless of whether you are looking to issue a lease for the first time or re-letting a property with an existing lease, our commercial property solicitors will ensure the lease is correctly and appropriately drafted, meets all of your own and the legislative requirements.

We will work on your behalf to deal with all enquiries that are raised by the tenant’s solicitors and negotiate on your behalf any necessary changes to the final terms of the lease.

Extending a lease or licence – if you are seeking to agree terms around the extension of a lease or licence, it will be necessary to review the current lease or licence to ensure that it continues to protect both parties.

At Parker Arrenberg, we can represent both landlord and tenants in the agreement or and finalisation of a commercial property lease or licence extension. We understand the issues that can arise and we will work to ensure these are addressed as quickly and efficiently as possible, enabling the lease or licence to continue on time and in accordance with the requirements of those involved.

Commercial Lease Solicitors

Our experienced commercial property law team have been providing leasehold property services in South East London and City of London can act for landlords and tenants on all types of property and all types of use.

We will utilise our high level of knowledge and expertise to deliver a solution that protects your best interests, and if they arise, work with you to resolve any landlord or tenant disputes.

Our Fees

Your solicitor will always ensure you are fully aware of the costs involved at all times, and where possible we will work to fixed fees. If this is not possible, due to more complex property cases, we will provide a detailed quotation so you are fully aware of all the charges and what is included in those fees. – to view our fees for licence renewals please click here.

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