Employment Tribunal 

We provide advice and representation to employers needing guidance and assistance for internal proceedings (disciplinary or grievance) or those looking to defend action in a Court or Employment Tribunal.

If you embark on disciplinary proceedings against an employee you must ensure such proceedings are in compliance with  the ACAS Code of Practice this will include:

  • Setting out the allegations against the employee in writing
  • Carry out an investigation and provide the employee with the opportunity to reply.
  • If disciplinary proceedings are to follow, you must notify the employee of such hearing date.


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Some disciplinary proceedings will result in the dismissal of a member of staff and unfortunately, this can often lead to the member of staff threatening legal action against the business.   Parker Arrenberg Solicitors can assist you prior to dismissing any staff by advising you on how to ensure you comply with the ACAS Code of Conduct and of course advise if such intended dismissal is fair and lawful therefore reducing the risk of an unfair dismissal claim being brought against your business. 

Other types of Employment Tribunal claims that employees may bring against your business could be related to the following issues:

  • redundancy pay
  • notice of termination of employment
  • pay statements
  • equal pay rights
  • maternity, paternity and adoption leave (as applicable) and pay
  • parental leave and time off for family emergencies
  • protection from race and sex discrimination and discrimination on the grounds of disability, age, sexual orientation and religion or belief and protection against less favourable treatment on grounds of part-time or fixed-term contract status
  • protection from trade union victimisation and time off to fulfil trade union duties;
  • protection of employment upon the transfer of a business (TUPE);
  • health and safety protection
  • not to have unlawful deductions made from wages
  • statutory sick pay
  • the national minimum wage
  • paid annual leave entitlement
  • limitation on working time under the Working Time Directive;
  • right to request flexible working arrangement
  • right to request to work beyond normal retirement age
  • unfair dismissal

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Your solicitor will always ensure that you are fully aware of any fees involved, and where possible we will work to a range of fixed fees depending on your requirements. If that is not possible, we will provide you with a very clear and transparent fee quotation that ensures you fully understand the fees you need to pay and what is included in those fees.

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