Buying and Selling a Commercial Property

The buying and selling of any property will include many complex procedures which can often seem daunting. When a commercial property is involved, there can be many more obligations and processes required and it will be vital these are followed accurately by a commercial property expert to ensure a smooth transaction.

At Parker Arrenberg, our experienced commercial property team can advise businesses and individuals in all matters concerning the sale and purchase of freehold commercial property.

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Commercial Property Solicitors

Our experienced commercial property solicitors will be able to provide you with expert advice concerning the sale or purchase of commercial property and ensure you are aware of everything you need to consider, guiding you through the entire process from the start of the proceedings, all the way through to the completion of the sale or purchase.

Selling a Commercial Property – Our property team will work with you to fully understand your requirements ensuring that you receive the utmost in client care and that our advice is tailored to your requirements, setting in place the necessary steps to ensure your commercial property sale completes successfully.

Buying a Commercial Property – When buying a commercial property, it will be vital that you seek the advice of an expert commercial property solicitor that understands the issues and processes involved with commercial property purchases. Our commercial property team will ensure you are fully aware of all the relevant information regarding the property, making necessary enquiries on your behalf and that terms of use are fully understood, ensuring that the property you are purchasing is appropriate for use, whatever that might be.

Commercial Conveyancing Services

We have been providing commercial conveyancing services in South East London and City of London for several decades, and our team fully understand the importance of ensuring our clients receive proactive, efficient, and cost-effective commercial property services. We can provide commercial conveyancing services on a wide range of commercial property including but not limited to:

  • Offices
  • Retail space
  • Garages
  • Leisure
  • Industrial warehouse units or factories
  • Land for property development

When working with us to buy or sell a commercial property, we will provide you with a dedicated case handler, who will ensure you receive all the necessary advice and support, guiding you through the complexities of your commercial property transaction.

We can also provide expertise in other areas of law that can often be associated with commercial property including:
  • New Leases and licences
  • Lease Extensions
  • Landlord and Tennant
  • Contracts and Disputes
  • Debt Recovery

Our Fees

Your commercial property solicitor will ensure you are always fully aware of all costs and the processes involved. Where possible we will work to fixed fees, however, if this is not possible due to complexities surrounding the property itself, we will provide a detailed quotation making sure that you are fully aware of the charges involved and any other fees that are relevant. We make sure that you understand all your legal fees and that they remain fully transparent.

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