Debt Recovery Services

At Parker Arrenberg, our experienced debt recovery solicitors can provide robust and efficient solutions to recover your outstanding debts quickly and cost-effectively.

If you own a business, regardless of its size, we understand the importance of cash flow, and we will work with you to secure the best possible recovery outcome, settling your case as quickly as possible. We can also provide debt recovery advice to non-commercial clients who are owed money privately from another individual.

Whilst we will aim to settle your debt recovery dispute amicably and without formal legal action, our specialist litigation team have the knowledge and expertise to advise you on the most appropriate legal action, issuing court proceedings and representing you in the courts should the need arise.

Regardless of the reason for your debt dispute, or the complexity of your case, we can provide expert advice and guidance regarding your legal matter.

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To speak to one of our landlord and tenant team, call us today on 020 8695 2330 or email us at and we will get back to you.

How our debt recovery team can help

We have been providing debt recovery services in South East London and to clients across the UK for several decades and we can assist you in all debt recovery stages including:

  • Before Legal Action – letter before action and call to chase your debtor threatening legal proceedings
  • Entering dispute resolution process or Issuing a County Court claim or statutory demand
  • Obtaining a settlement agreement or a judgment
  • Enforcement and Insolvency Actions including bankruptcy, winding up, advice on debtor’s petitions, Individual Voluntary Agreements (IVAs), Company Voluntary Agreements (CVAs) and post insolvency trustee liaison

Our debt recovery services include all the necessary measures to conclude your debt disputes in the most appropriate way tailored to your situation and our legal team will ensure you understand all the available options open to you, the costs involved and your likelihood of success.

Our debt recovery lawyers have experience in all types of legal matter including:

  • Small claims track
  • Fast track
  • Multitrack

We are also experienced in matters in the following courts:


  • Small Claims Court
  • Civil Court
  • High Court
  • House of Lords

Defending a Debt Recovery Claim

If you have been issued with a debt recovery claim against you that you are in dispute with, our specialist dispute resolution team can provide expert advice and guidance regarding defending a claim. We will assess the case against you and ensure you understand all the available options, your legal rights and arrange for appropriate dispute resolution services or defend you in the courts should the need arise.

Our Fees

Your debt recovery solicitor will ensure you are always fully aware of all costs and the processes involved. You can find all relevant information on our prices by visiting our legal fees page by clicking here. 

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For more information on our debt recovery services get in touch with one of our expert team today. Call us on 020 8695 2330 or email us at  and we will get back to you. We can also provide expertise in other areas of law that can often be associated with leasehold properties including contracts and agreements.

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