Services for Individuals

Our private client team is experienced in dealing with all forms of wills, trusts and probate whether straightforward or complex


Wills can be straightforward or complex depending both upon the size of the estate involved and the arrangements our clients wish to make. They are all, however, important. They need to be drafted properly to reflect our client’s wishes and to ensure that they are legally valid.

Whether your requirement is for a straightforward will to ensure that your family or friends do not have any difficulties on your death or for a more complex will to deal with inheritance tax planning, business interests or difficult family situations, we will be able to help.

Please refer to our guidance on making a will for further information about the issues involved.

If you make your will through Parker Arrenberg, as solicitors we can offer the added protection of recording it on the National Will Register (Certainty).

If you would like our advice or assistance in the preparation of your will please contact us.


Trusts are used for a variety of reasons including:

  • • To hold money until a child becomes old enough to control it themselves
  • • To hold money where a beneficiary is not able to deal with it, e.g. because of some disability
  • • To hold money where all the potential beneficiaries are not known, e.g. a gift of money to all grandchildren where it is possible that further grandchildren might be born
  • • To assist in inheritance tax planning


Trusts may be created by will or by a separate document during the lifetime of the person establishing the trust. Our team of experienced lawyers can advise you as to whether the creation of a trust is an appropriate and/or useful mechanism and we can, of course, help with all the practical steps of setting up and administering the trust.

Most people consider the need for a trust in connection with the preparation of their will or as part of their tax planning, but if you need advice on setting one up during your lifetime or even whether it is appropriate to set one up, please contact us.


Probate is the process by which one person is given legal authority to administer the affairs of a person who has died. This normally involves identifying all of the assets in an estate, calculating and paying any inheritance tax that is due, applying to the court for a Grant of Probate and then sorting out the estate by paying all the deceased’s debts and distributing the remainder to those who are entitled (See Matters likely to Arise During the Course of Administering an Estate).

We can assist in all of the processes, whether or not the deceased left a will. This could simply be with the actual application for probate itself, but could also include advising on or undertaking the whole of the administration including:

  • • Obtaining valuations
  • • Completing tax returns and carrying out negotiations with HMRC
  • • Arranging finance to pay inheritance tax, funeral expenses etc
  • • Calculating share values and arranging for their sale or transfer
  • • Claiming insurances and sorting out pension entitlements
  • • Identifying and tracking down beneficiaries
  • • Dealing with disputes/debts
  • • Arranging for the insurance of assets
  • • Dealing with the sale of property
  • • Handling the distribution of funds
  • • Preparing the necessary estate accounts


If you have been given the responsibility of being an executor or left with the burden of administering an estate without a will and need advice or assistance please contact us. We can tailor our service to your requirements and it does not matter how small or large the estate is.