• We have helped hundreds of accident victims in the last two years
  • We handle all types of accident claim including road traffic accidents, accidents at work, slipping and tripping accidents and clinical negligence cases
  • We offer a no win, no fee arrangement and in almost all cases you will pay nothing towards the costs even if you win the case
  • We will arrange a home visit if it is not convenient for you to come to the office
  • We will give you realistic advice from the outset about the strength of your claim and the likely amount of compensation
  • Your claim will be handled throughout by a qualified solicitor and member of APIL (Association of Personal Injury Lawyers)

We subscribe to the values and objectives of APIL (see below)

Although public awareness is growing, there is a campaign afoot (on the part of, amongst others, insurance companies) to deter prospective claimants by making them feel that there is a “claims culture” and that claiming compensation for an accident is something to be ashamed of.

We believe the opposite to be the case, that as a matter of right, victims of accidents should receive compensation from those to blame. We will provide strong support for you so that you can pursue your legitimate claim.

It is important however to act quickly, so that we can:

  • See you at an early stage and advise on the strength of your case.
  • Collect evidence on your behalf.
  • Negotiate with the other parties involved.
  • Pursue Court proceedings where necessary.


Personal care and attention

We appreciate that personal injury cases can be particularly traumatic for the client.   Our approach is professional as well as practical.



We are not complacent: On most days there is a new case or judgment which has an impact on this area of the law.   We are fully alive to the need to maintain our knowledge, skills and experience so that our clients have the best advice.



We are committed to this area of the law and we have signed up to the values, aims and objectives of APIL, The Association of Injury Lawyers.   APIL is an association for lawyers who act for the victims of accidents and among other things, we have promised to put the interests of the client first.


Keeping in touch

Lawyers are often criticised for not keeping in touch with their clients.   We shall keep you informed of the progress of your case on a regular basis and in any event when important developments occur, and on request.


Expert Contact 

It is essential in personal injury cases that “expert” opinion on medical matters is obtained.   We are fully alive to the need to choose the “right” expert, both in terms of the area of expertise, experience, reputation and “robustness” as well as forensic skills.   We have developed excellent relationships with a huge range of medical and other experts who can supply essential evidence to back up your claim.



Most lawyers who act for claimants in personal injury cases offer a "No win, no fee" arrangement.   We offer this service, but we are able to add that, in almost all cases, even if you lose you will not have to pay any other costs yourself.   This is because we are normally able to recover all our costs, including the costs of the expert and Court fees, from the other side.

You may still be unsure about whether the case will cost you anything.   We are able to answer all your questions and provide full explanations during an interview which will be free in any event, whether you decide to proceed or not.


Equal Opportunities Policy

We actively welcome instructions from clients of all backgrounds.   We firmly believe that every accident victim should have access to justice, irrespective of his/her ability, means and background.



APIL (The Association of Personal Injury Lawyers) was established in April 1990 and is dedicated to the improvement of services provided for victims of accidents and disease.

Members of APIL subscribe to a Code of Conduct and support APIL’s objectives.

APIL’s objectives are:

  • To promote full and just compensation for all types of personal injury
  • To promote and develop expertise in the practice of personal injury law
  • To promote redress of personal injury in the legal system
  • To campaign for improvement in personal injury law
  • To promote safety and alert the public to hazards wherever they arise
  • To promote a communication network for members

Key points in the Code of Conduct are to:

  • Provide a professional service
  • Keep clients regularly informed
  • Give independent advice
  • Maximise the amount of compensation receivable by the client