How can I fund my claim?

You can fund a claim by any of the methods listed below.

We do not charge our clients for an initial appointment to discuss their case when, amongst other things, we will advise you on the funding options that are available to you.

1. A Conditional Fee Agreement "No Win No Fee"

This is a completely risk free option. If you lose we will not charge you any legal fees. You can walk away without any obligation and without having spent any money. If you win we will not take any part of your winnings.  For fuller details please read the standard Conditional Fee Agreement in our website ‘Publications’ section.

[NB Conditional Fee Agreement doc to be supplied]

2. Legal Expenses Insurance

Your household building and contents insurance may include a Legal Expenses policy. This will cover your legal fees, whether or not you win or lose your case. The policy may also pay for charges that occur during the case such as fees for Doctors or expert's reports.  Your certificate of insurance or policy schedule will usually state if it includes a Legal Expenses policy. We will need the name and address of your insurer and your policy number. Usually we ask our clients to bring the certificate or policy with you to your appointment so that we can check the position for you.

3. Private Fee Payment (pay as you go)

If you decide to fund your claim yourself, you will be required to pay the cost of the case as it progresses, including providing a sum of money on account of the costs and charges that will be incurred. We will submit interim accounts to cover work done every month.  If you win, you should recover the majority of your costs from your Opponent. When those costs have been paid we will reimburse you for the sums you paid on account. Please contact us for our full terms and conditions of payment.

4. Trade Union

If you are a member of a Trade Union or other similar organisation they may cover the cost of your claim. You need to provide us with the name and address of the Union and your membership number if you have one. We will contact them on your behalf to seek their authority for us to act on your behalf.

5. Legal Aid/Public Funding

This is no longer available as the Government withdrew this in April 2000