Services for Individuals

"We understand and appreciate the needs of and sensitivities for arranging the affairs of our older clients."

Parker Arrenberg have a wealth of experience in dealing with older clients and the issues specific to them. We are able to offer advice on matters relating to financial and welfare provision, such as Powers of Attorney, Court of Protection applications and the funding of long-term care.

We regularly draft and advise upon Power of Attorney and Court of Protection applications for clients and have a number of specialists in this field. We can deal with the administration of an individual's financial affairs under a Power of Attorney or Court of Protection order.  We are often appointed by the Court of Protection to handle the affairs of individuals who are not able to do so themselves.

We can also advise upon planning to preserve capital assets in the event of the need for long-term care whether residential or nursing care is required. We give advice on financial responsibility and funding for long term care.  We are committed to providing and promoting robust, comprehensive and independent legal advice for older people, their family and carers.

An appointment can be arranged for you at our offices or, if you are unable to attend the office, home or hospital visits can be arranged.  Please contact us.

Powers of Attorney

There are various types of Power of Attorney, but they all have one thing in common - they allow someone else to deal with your affairs. Until recently, Powers of Attorney were only concerned with financial affairs. However, there is now a new type of Power of Attorney which can, if you wish, deal with your personal welfare. From General Powers of Attorney, Enduring Powers of Attorney to Lasting Powers of Attorney, Parker Arrenberg can provide you with guidance on how you can plan for the future.

Court of Protection

If an individual is unable to make decisions for themselves and has not made provision in the past by way of an Enduring Power of Attorney or Lasting Power of Attorney, then concerned friends or relatives can apply to the Court of Protection to be appointed as Deputies to take care of an individual's finances and in certain cases to make decisions regarding welfare too. If there are no suitable friends or relatives available, then a partner of Parker Arrenberg may be able to take deputyship. 

Being a court-appointed deputy can be a much more complex procedure than being an Attorney. Although both classes must always act in an individual's best interest and have regard to the Mental Capacity Act and the relevant Code of Practice, the application process and ongoing court supervision is much more detailed and complicated. Again, Parker Arrenberg is able to advise on all aspects and assist where necessary.