Services for Individuals

"Family problems require a practical and tactful approach as well as a thorough understanding of the law."

Our experienced matrimonial team has a thorough and specialist understanding of the law but we recognise the need for a practical and tactful approach to all the problems our clients face.  We appreciate the strains and problems our clients face in dealing with matrimonial and other family matters not least of which may be the first step of seeing a solicitor.

We are committed to a conciliatory approach in sorting out disputes as we recognise that long drawn out legal battles often increase the emotional turmoil for all involved and inevitably leads to increased costs.  However, if it is necessary to go to court, we deal with cases efficiently and vigorously.

We can provide expert advice on all matters to do with relationship breakdowns, whether involving married or unmarried couples or persons in civil partnerships.  We deal with residence and contact orders, maintenance issues, the future of the home, the division of other assets and property and the possible implications of family breakdown on tax, pension rights and wills.  We also advise on the adoption of children.

Although our clients are primarily individuals directly affected by relationship problems and disputes we also act for members of the wider family, such as grandparents.  Our expertise in childcare matters is recognised by the fact that we are instructed to act for local authorities.

We recognise the importance of providing clear information and controls on legal costs particularly since public funding (legal aid) has been reduced and there are plans to reduce it further.   Most couples involved in property disputes have to pay their legal costs regardless of entitlement to legal aid.

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