Services for Individuals

"We don’t make a drama out of a crisis"

In our experience few of our clients relish being involved in a dispute, whether they are being forced to stand up for their rights or to defend a claim made against them. As a consequence we appreciate that being involved in a dispute that could lead to court proceedings will be a crisis for most people, not least because of the time, anxiety and cost involved.

Our role as solicitors is to manage a dispute in our client’s best interests and that will often involve doing our best to resolve matters without the need for the drama of court proceedings. Where that is not possible, of course, we will pursue our client’s interests vigorously through whatever legal proceedings are appropriate.

Our clients can expect us to:

  • • Explore with them the most appropriate means of resolving a dispute
  • • Wherever it is possible and consistent with a client’s objectives avoid embarking on court proceedings
  • • Advise on the steps that are open to them to enforce or protect their rights
  • • Give timely advice and support in the whole process
  • • Pursue any legal proceedings that are necessary in the most effective way


If you have a problem that relates to a particular matter dealt with elsewhere on our website, for instance Personal Injury or Divorce and Family Matters, please refer to that section. If not, please contact us to discuss the problem and we shall let you know if it is something we are able to assist with.

Common areas of dispute that we do deal with include:

  • • Probate and Inheritance disputes
  • • Will disputes
  • • Building contract disputes
  • • Neighbour/boundary disputes
  • • Adverse possession of land (squatters rights)


You can refer to our publication The Litigation Process for some general background to what can be involved in bringing a claim or defending a claim in court.