Unfortunately, if a person goes to a solicitor and tells them that a person has died without leaving a will, there has not been, until now, any means of checking whether or not that is true.  That is because wills are either kept in safe storage by solicitors, or in bank boxes, or even at home and there has been no central register for solicitors and families to check. 

Parker Arrenberg is a member of the UK’s national online register of wills, ‘Certainty’.  When the process of registering all wills held by solicitors is completed the register will hold the details of more than 12 million wills.  Since you store your will with us we are able to register your will in the national register.  There is a registration fee of £25 plus VAT per will. 

What the register does:

We believe that the register is a valuable safeguard for all our clients who make wills and we would strongly recommend that you take advantage of this service.

To take advantage of the registration service please let us know when you sign your will.  If you have any queries about the register please ask the lawyer who is preparing your will or check the website at www.certainty.co.uk.